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Here is a collection of important links for learning & learning photography. All headings in red are live links.

Important Links

Pinterest Photography Site

A great resource for learning about contemporary and historical photographers. It also has many informative videos and other treasures.


Adrian College Photography Facebook

Lots of up-to-the-minute information about what is happening in the photography world, including photography at Adrian College.


Adrian Art Blog

This is where you go to find out what is happening in the Department of Art & Design at Adrian College.

The Photography Teacher's Handbook

The Essential Handbook for All Photo Educators. Practical Tools & Methods Designed to Increase Student Learning & Engagement.

Garin Horner Fine Art Site

Several years of fine art portfolios and artist information.


Ribbons of Excellence

​Caring for humanity and the world: making socially responsible decisions; providing service to local and global communities; interacting positively with persons of diverse cultures and backgrounds.


Learning throughout a lifetime: continuing to ask important questions; pursuing knowledge in each new age; remaining open to new learning experiences.

Thinking critically: developing critical habits of mind; exploring multiple points of view; raising thoughtful questions, identifying problems and solutions.

Crossing boundaries and disciplines: developing literacy in multiple fields; personifying the liberal arts experience; making connections across disciplines.

Developing creativity: engaging in creative arts; developing creative talents and skills; recognizing and employing figurative expression.


16 Habits of Mind

"The habits themselves aren't new at all, and significant work has already been done in the areas of these "thinking habits." However, in a 21st century learning environment -- one often inundated with information, stimulation and connectivity -- there may be a newfound context for their application."


Adrian College
​"We started from the ground up building programs, facilities, and academics. We mold champions and initiate drive. We are creative, innovative, demanding, and determined. We didn’t start from the bottom. We lead from the top. We’ve been heralded and acclaimed for our story, and we’ve received the accolades to prove it."



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