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How to Study a Video

1. Take a look at the video’s title. This will give you a handle on what the video is about. Once you think you know “generally” what the video is about write down anything you think you already know about the subject. It’s like taking note of where you are and using a compass to see where you might be heading.


2. Briefly write down what you want to know about this subject.


3. Watch the video all the way through and just take it in. Pay attention but don’t worry about capturing the details.


4. During the second viewing take notes while you watch the video and try to include all the major topics, new vocabulary words, and factual information presented. Write down what you have learned from the video.


5. On a third viewing, watch the video in short pieces. Pause every 10-15 seconds and summarize out loud, like you are explaining to someone else, what you watched without looking at your notes. After your summary (out loud) look at your notes and fill in anything you missed.


6. After you have extracted the information feel free to make flash cards to test yourself on the factual information. But keep in mind that its better to understand the material and how the concepts go together than to just memorize everything. Try to relate the material to how you would use it in real life. This will help you remember.


7. There may also be readings associated with the videos. If so, find the connections between the video and the readings. The combination of readings with videos is a great way to study and learn because the only way to learn material is through repetition. Our brains have to encounter the same material over and over in order to learn it.



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