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Essential Tips for Studying




1. Get rid of distractions like your cell phone, facebook, and interesting friends.


2. Clear your brain. Write down all the thoughts that are distracting you so you don’t have to dwell on them while you are focusing with your studies.


3. It helps some people to clean their immediate environment before studying.


4. Have a drink at arms reach (not beer and preferably something without sugar). The best drinks to have are tea or water. Both will help perk you up and help you to be alert.


5. Take 15 minutes to meditate. This will clear your mind and allow you to focus on what you are doing.


6. Get your most difficult stuff ready to study first.



1. Take lots notes in class. As soon as you can, type them up. This will help you remember the material.


2. Take lots of notes when you read the class materials and watch the videos (see: 6 Tips for How to Study a Video).


3. Organize a section of notes that comprises of the most important information.


4. Make a section of notes that is just new vocabulary with definitions.


5. Make the material more interesting by imagining how you could possibly use it in the context of your life.


6. Study in 30 minute chunks. Set a timer and give yourself a reward at the end of the time, like take 5 minutes to check your Facebook page and cell phone. Breaks will help you retain information. And, maybe, a piece of chocolate.


7. Review your information and see if there is anything you don’t understand. If you don’t, contact the professor and ask questions until you understand.


8. Organize your information in a way that will help you to better remember it.


9. Test yourself by thinking about the material (this also helps you to remember it). You can also make flash cards and/or use study aid sites to generate quizzes.


10. Get together with classmates to quiz each other and help each other out.


11. Prepare for success by studying when you are most alert.



Review testing. Get to the test early enough to do a final review. It will lower your anxiety.


You will find more excellent tips here:


Exta Bonus!

Do you find it difficult to remember study material? 

Here is a video on Memory Tricks that can help:



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