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Camera Tips

Learn about what your camera can do…Aperture, Shutterspeed, ISO and white balance.*


Instead of using filter settings on your camera, do it in Photoshop. Photoshop not only does it better, but also leaves you with the original full color file if you change your mind in the future.


Carry your camera wherever you go. You will see the very best shots when you don’t have it…so be prepared.


Practice being quick on the draw…even try shooting from the hip! Some things won’t wait.


If you are shooting color…then photograph things with lots of color. Color photography is about the composition of color. Black and white photography is about the composition of light, shadow, and form.


One piece of equipment that will improve almost every photo is a tripod. It will increase clarity and resolution. Monopods also work great for shooting on the run.



            -Next best thing is to brace yourself against something and hold your breath.

            -Put your camera on the ground.

            -Get or make a bean bag (great for traveling).

            -Self timer works great also.



Take caution when backlighting your subjects. Your camera will get confused about what you want. Most times you will end up with silhouettes. *



NEVER use a digital zoom…it’s a marketing gimmick that reduces the quality of your photos!


Stay away from cheaper cameras with “shutter lag”. The action will be gone before you can capture what you see.


Make sure your lens is clean…and don’t use a regular tissue to clean it! You should use a moistened lenspen or a lens tissue.



Bracketing (overexposing and underexposing a few extra images) can save an image…and also create some nice variations.

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